Kyle Pratt
Kyle Pratt


Sports Management B.S.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Metabolic Precision (MP) Level 1 Metabolic Nutritionist

MP Level 2 Fire and ICE

MP Level 3 Athletic Specialist

MP Level 4

MP Level 5 Master Level


Nexus Point Training

NASM Integrated Speed, Agility, Quickness Training

NASM Golf Fitness Specialist

American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid

Founder & Head Coach

Kyle Pratt

Kyle trained under Hall of Fame Coach Mike Holloway, and Dan Pfaff for UF Track and Field. He was on the UF Football National Championship team in 2008. On Kyle’s quest to research nutrition and body transformations, he discovered Metabolic Precision by Dr. Paul Cribb and traveled to Australia to complete Levels 1-5 becoming 1 out of 5 MP Specialists in the US at the time.

Kyle was a Decathlete for UF and learned how to train for 10 different events on and off the track. He had asthma and walked on to the toughest team in the nation where Kenny Parker(UF Strength Coach) pushed him beyond anything he ever thought was possible by repeating the phrase “Find a Way”. Kyle kick-boxed after college with a Pan American Champion and won his 1st match by knockout (fight or flight is a real thing)! Kyle’s diverse background allows him to help people reach their goals without getting bored regardless of how complex they are.

Kyle enjoys turning back the clock for moms and dads by progressing them safely and strategically into the body they never knew they were capable of. Their confidence comes back and the day-to-day activities become easier because of their new strength, mobility, balance and mental toughness. He also loves working with teens and teaching them exercise, hard work, and good habits from the ground up.